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Jul 13, 2017 08:05 PM

Long walk to win a trophy by my team (Chiefs)

It's been two seasons without a silverware for the clever boys and it's highly possible that this edging campaign will be another trophy-less season. And if things are still like this, we still go going to experience more dry reasons at Naturena.

No signing of quality strikers or players rather, but instead we are busy signing the defenders of which I think it's not really necessary. I don't wanna say a thing about the free agents that we are always fed with by whoever is doing that.

Lucky are those players who are not released even though they don't deliver. Unlucky are those who have been released nor about to be released even though they're trying their level best. Thanks to the management for serving us with what we are not interested in, e.g. Funeral policy branches and etcetera.

I am prepared to be a laughing stock because of my team's performance. Long walk to win a trophy indeed it is.

But I was born a Khosi, and I'll die as a Khosi. And the heart that sings makes no more sound that the heart that Sobs.

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