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Default Musetha Deric
Jul 16, 2017 03:45 PM

letting Gordinho go for Lebusa would like changing a cow with a goat.

Letting gordinho go would be like swapping cow with a goat. Chiefs could be making big mistake if they can let Gordinho go for Lebusa, I mean Gordinho is growing intellectually every season. I hope they will change their minds soon. I think it would be not a wise pondering to release a player that is playing in a first team, one who we struggle without him always. Gordinho when combined with Mathoho is one of the best defensive in the Psl. Cardoso could be the best swap for Lebusa, he don't have a value role at the team. I hope Chiefs will re-think again. Chiefs is going deep down because of lack of knowledge of football in our management and haughtiness. Lack of management is still gonna kill our lovely team. As a supporter, our job is to support a team through difficulties and good time but Chiefs management always let us down.

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