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Aug 11, 2017 11:14 AM

Chiefs lack vision: Its all about money at Chiefs.

The sale of George Lebese to Mamelodi Sundown's is highly disturbing and truly embarrassing for the team that lacks quality players, the team that is ineffectual e this truly signify the love of money more than the course of action which is football in this case. Kaizer Chiefs fans have been calling for the club to buy quality players in order to compete with Sundowns and wits for the accolades; however the irrational decisions of Chiefs management indicate the priorities of the team, profit maximisation.
Mamelodi Sundowns have overflow of quality players that Chiefs should have taken advantage of, the fact that Castro, Mashaba, Malatjila and Ngele are deemed surplus to requirements, it was the perfect opportunity of poach at least two of them instead of cash. Swap deal was the most economical way to improve the quality of the squad.
While Sundowns has proofed once again that they can take players from any team in the PSL, it is also important for the underprivileged teams to take advantage and demand players in return. Kaizer Chiefs have missed the opportunity to sign Ngele and Castro because of the love of money; one could imagine the Chiefs Line-up that include ngele and castro upfront. Paez, Zuma, Shabba and Eskteen. Wow that would be a dream team; a competent and competitive one, but it’s just a dream.
While other teams uses money to build their teams, at Chiefs money is used to destroy the team.

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